The submission period for the 2013 Brown Family Scholarship is now closed.

Thanks to everyone that entered!

All entries are currently under review between now and May 20th. All parties that took part in the submission process will be contacted regarding the final results.

In 1997 Donna Brown, loving mother to four daughters and one son, passed away from cancer.

But even at the young age of 54, at the time of her passing, Donna had already left her mark along with a quiet legacy that is still with us today.

Donna, a CASA volunteer, single handedly gave every ounce of her soul fighting for the rights of abused and neglected children in Utah. 

The proof that one person really can make a difference is evident in these changes to Utah’s Child Welfare System that Donna is responsible for:

  • - $28 Million In New Funding
  • - Time in Foster Care down from 8 Years to 1.5
  • - Insurance For All Foster Children
  • - 21 Full Time Guardian ad Litem Attorneys


The purpose of the Brown Family Scholarship, in memory of CASA volunteer Donna M. Brown, is to assist a deserving college or university student in furthering their pursuit of a college degree. It may be presented to an entering student or one currently enrolled.

It is intended for use by a student whose life has been directly impacted by CASA intervention or representation.

The scholarship applicant must meet the criteria set by the Scholarship Selection Committee.

The scholarship award may only be used at fully accredited institutions of higher learning.

The scholarship will be awarded to the applicant's selected institution’s registrar for use in payment of tuition, enrollment fees, membership fees in recognized educational societies, seminar fees and any other costs as approved by the Scholarship Selection Committee.

A potential applicant, in addition to meeting all selection criteria, must be nominated by a CASA volunteer, CASA board member, Juvenile Court Judge or Guardian ad Litem Attorney.

Nominations for the scholarship may be made by any CASA volunteer, CASA board member, Juvenile Court Judge or Guardian ad Litem Attorney by clicking "nomination" button above.


  1. Applicant must have been assigned a Guardian ad Litem attorney, and been under the assignment of a CASA volunteer.
  2. Applicant must be a US citizen, a resident of the State of Utah and/or have graduated from a Utah high school or received a GED certificate as required for admission to an institution for higher learning. Certification of either may be required by the Scholarship Selection Committee.
  3. If applicant is currently enrolled at a fully accredited institution, he/she must be in good academic standing. Selection Committee may require proof of same from recipient or the selected institution.
  4. In the event the applicant is an entering student, he/she must have been accepted for admission by his/her selected institution. Scholarship Selection Committee may request a copy of the acceptance letter.
  5. Applicant must, in addition to meeting all scholarship selection criteria, submit a completed online application form and answer the following two essay questions by clicking "application" button above:
    • What quality do you most admire in a person who had a profound influence on your life?
    • Why is furthering your education important to you?